In 1994

Founded RadioNet Company

It starts as a repair service for professional Two-way radios. In the period from 1994 to 2004, RADIONET was a distributor and service provider of Motorola professional Two-way radios. With the advent of mobile phones, Two-way radios as a means of mobile communications decreased drastically, and the need for technicians to service mobile phones increased, so we, who always had the expertise and infrastructure, started repairing mobile phones.

In the following years

Our expansion

In 2006, we became a distributor and service center of Sagem in Macedonia. Until 2010, when Sagem went bankrupt and stopped functioning.

In 2009, we became the only authorized service center of Nokia, and when Microsoft took over Nokia, we continued to be their A.S.C. until HMD bought the brand Nokia from Microsoft.

In 2015, we became Alcatel’s ASC and are still their center.


We are here to help you

At the beginning of this year, we also signed a deal with the company ACR, for the service of E-Scooters from the brands Maserati, Ducati, Lamborgini and Aprilia, as well as for headphones from the JABRA brand.

RadioNet believes in the simple truth that quality work produces growth and success

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